Mouse Problem

Will the city or county animal services help me with a house mouse issue? (no)

If you are in need of the county animal services for your problem with house mouse, then you are contacting the wrong agency. The pest control comes in various forms, while some of the pest control companies handle insect removal, some focus much in getting rid of the wildlife animals from homes and offices. Those who handle the wildlife issues are known as nuisance animal control pros. These people are the ones handling your call when it comes to wildlife animals that has invaded your property and do not want to leave, but started infestation as well. They may cater to certain kinds of wildlife problem like squirrels and others. For mouse infestation, you may want to call a pest control for help.


Wildlife removal on properties

One of the primary services that most county animal services offer is the removal of wild animal from properties, both residential and commercial. Since the animals such as bats, skunks and others carry rabies, so it is just wise decision to get rid of them as much as possible. The pros will come to your place and check on the environment before they take the measures to get the animal out. The pros will get their very own equipment which is fitted to animal control. As soon as they are definite of what animal has infested the property, then they will come back and start the trapping or the exclusion method.


Immediate wildlife removal

Immediate wildlife removal company offers 24/7 assistance. This is just so helpful for those with problems about wildlife emergencies that has infested your property. Oftentimes, the immediate wildlife removal will cost more to the homeowner, but it is just worth every penny.


Animal proofing the property

Moreover, the county animal service provider can animal proof your home, but this is for private companies. The local animal service provider from your county or city cannot do that, because they handle the safety and harmony of humans with domestic pets. They will only deal with the stray dogs and stray cats if they are a threat to the community. It is just that they will take the important measures to close some holes, gaps and cracks in the house to prevent the wildlife animals from coming in and out of the house.

The role of the local county removal company is broad, since they also handle the dog and cat bite management, they handle wildlife rabies case investigation and follow ups, they also handle the pickup of stray dogs and cats that were lost, abandoned and injured. They also conduct a rabies vaccination in some clinics and in the community. They also provide a security against risky and rabid dogs, according to the reports of the community.  If you need help, you can call them too, and then they will refer you to a rehabber, but don’t expect them to provide the services that a private animal removal company can give.