Trap Mice & Rats

Which is easier to trap – mice or rats?

When it comes to catching a rodent infestation, you must learn how to determine the kind of rodent that you are dealing with. You need to know the kind of creature you will deal with; you cannot catch anything that you do not know about. It will be good to know if you have mice or rats at home. You will which is which through the size and the shape of the droppings. The mice, because of its smaller in size than the rats will leave small feces. The feces will just be as the size of the rice grain. The rats on the other hand are bigger than the mice, but they are smaller than the Norway rats. Their feces are quite bigger and a little bit shiny and black in color, but that depends on what they eat.  In this article, you will learn the difference between the mice and rats, so you can decipher on your own, which is the easiest and the simplest to catch.

From the point of view of the animal removal experts, catching the rats is simpler than catching the mice. This is because the rats are quite bigger. They can be easily seen and they cannot go through the smallest holes as the mice. The mice on the other hand, because of its size can go through even the smallest gaps. It may be hard to know if there are mice in the house, because their sound is not as prominent as the sound of the rats.  The scampering of the feet and moving in the nest are not as prominent as that of the rats, but if they are in a colony, you can hear them when you go to bed at night and whenever they are active.


The mice can also go through the openings, even the smallest gaps in the house, because of this they usually leave greasy marks due to the oil and the dirt of their skin. The marks will be left by the mice are paler than those of the rats. If you will come across big greasy marks, there is a rat infestation and not mice.  It is hard to tell the difference between the 2 using the human naked eye, because they may look alike somehow, but they are not the same. It is harder to catch mice than rats, since they are always aloof and they can run faster than the rats. The mouse is often trapped using the glue trap, however, that is not advisable because they can run and free themselves easily in the trap. The term rat is meant to describe a medium sized rodent, while the mouse is used to describe a little rodent. Though, the way of catching them may be the same, the size of the traps is different.